Analogy between Big Crunch theory and Black Hole

Black Hole works in a similar fashion like BIG CRUNCH theory

By studying the Black Hole scientists have developed many interesting theories. This may help to find out how our universe will end.

Black Hole gives a idea of how the Big Crunch theory works. When stars with huge gravity end up all his nuclear fuel it collapses on itself and becomes a smaller and denser mass which attracts more and more materials like big crunch theory.

Because of the huge gravitational pull of the black hole anything that goes too close to it will collapse into it. Not even light can escape from black hole. It is a fascinating concept in our cosmos that something invisible can help us to determine the fate of the universe.

In Big Crunch theory, because of the mass of our universe it will turn into a massive Black Hole and our universe will collapse into a singular point called singularity.

Black Hole can be viewed as a miniature version of Big Crunch theory. As we have started our journey from a point, we will end up in a point too.

So we can see Black Hole works in a similar fashion like our early universe. So by studying black hole we have a chance to know how our early universe looked like and that will solve many mysteries including the birth and death of our universe.