When planet comes in front of a star it gets dimmer

When any planet comes in front of a star it gets dimmer.

It is a telescope designed to search for earth like planet around sun like stars. It has an ultra sensitive light detector that scans the cosmos to find alien planet that can support life force.

As wobbling only help to find bigger planet kepler is opting a different method. It checks the brightness of the star. If any planet passes in front of the star the star gets dimmer and when the planet goes behind star gets brighter again.

By measuring the difference of brightness scientists can calculate the size of the planet, where it is orbiting around the star and the temperature of the surface. By calculating these they can say whether the planet is suitable to support life or not.

Though Kepler Mission can't tell us whether we are alone in the universe or not. It can certainly give us an idea where to look for answers.