Dark Matter vs Dark Energy

Dark Matter vs Dark energy

Battle between dark Matter vs Dark Energy

Three possible Death of our universe Big Rip, Big Chill and Big Crunch is determined by the battle between Dark Matter vs Dark Energy

So we know a few things now

Dark Matter is a positive force that attracts other objects with its gravity. On the other hand Dark Energy is negative force that that pushes galaxies away from each other. The fate of our universe is a battle between Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

  • ->Big Crunch : Universe will collapse if Dark matter is the dominant force.
  • ->Big Rip : It will be ripped to pieces if Dark Energy wins over Dark Matter.
  • ->Big Chill : If dark energy wins over Dark Matter but remain constant, our universe will end up in Big Chill.

Our universe is continuously expanding and not showing any sign of collapsing. So, Dark Energy must be stronger than Dark Matter at the moment. Now the question arises, will our universe ever slow down? To know that we have to figure out:

Scientists suspect Dark Energy might be the stronger force. So in the end Dark Energy will tear apart solar system, stars and eventually it will pulls apart matters, which is the fundamental block of our universe. And that will be the end of our universe.

Measuring Acceleration of Our Universe

Measuring the acceleration is an important task for the scientists to find out the fate of our universe

Hubble Telescope came to rescue us again providing way to measure the acceleration of our universe

To know for sure weather Dark Energy will dominate or not, we have to know exactly how fast our universe is expanding. Previously it is assumed our universe is expanding at constant speed. But we know now that in fact our universe is accelerating. So now we know that our universe is expanding but don't know how fast. Hubble Telescope has created a way for the scientists to solve this problem. By imaging the cosmos with greater precision, they can estimate the rate of expansion. With the help of clearer image from Hubble it is very much possible.

Possible Outcome

If the acceleration is too big universe will be end in a Big Rip. Eventually galaxies will be ripped apart, atoms will be ripped apart, our whole universe will be ripped apart. This will not happen for at least 50 billion years. But if someone can watch this end from one of the stars he will observe that a wall of darkness is coming towards him. Eventually the wall of darkness will cover the entire universe.

It may also end up in a Big Chill. The galaxies will move so far from each other that they will disappear from view. Eventually their energy sources will burn out. The universe will become cold and dark. These ideas are predicted by Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble, but unfortunately neither of them lived long enough to see the result. For our solar system, sun will be the first to go. Earth will freeze and all other galaxies and starts will go so far away that they will disappear from the view. The dark universe will continue to expand but there will be no one to see it........

But we know very little about Dark Energy which is responsible for the Big Rip or Big Chill. We don't know the physics of Dark Energy and we don't know how it works. If we knew that, we could refine our theory and may found different fate for our universe.


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