Higgs Field

Scientists are still trying to find Higgs Field

After the Big Bang matters are created which eventually become planets, stars, galaxies etc. We all know all the matters have mass. But what gives everything in our universe mass? Something must be responsible to give the particles mass. It is the backbone of life. Without mass universe will consist of only radiation and nothing would have formed.

In 1964 Britain university of Edinburgh a physicist named Peter Higgs came with a breakthrough. He said an invisible force fields sweeps across universe that gives particle mass. It is called Higgs Field. When particles interact with it, they gains mass. It is somewhat like friction, when particles tries to move in higgs field it is obstructed with the field. Higgs field sticks to everything. The more contact with the field the more mass they gain. Scientist said higgs field has its own particle. They called it Higgs Boson. But Higgs Boson only exist in theory. Scientists are trying to find the mysterious Higgs Boson using powerful particle accelerator.