radio waves from the explosion of big bang still exist in our universe

Radio waves from the explosion of Big Bang still exist in our universe

Light from sun takes 8 min to reach us. We look at the sun as it was 8 min ago. Similarly light from star may take 20 years to reach earth. So we see the stars how it was 20 years ago. So we are looking 20 years back into past.

In 1964 at New Jersey scientists were measuring radio waves from Milky Way Galaxy. But as they were trying to measure the radio waves, they hear a uniform noise. It was coming from deep space. In fact it was everywhere. The radiation they found was the aftershock of the Big Bang. It was an echo from the creation of time. It was named Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).

The heat of big bang was so intense that its aftereffect still exists. The heat began as x-ray radiation. As it cools and stretch it became visible lights, then became microwave and finally radio waves. This is the radio waves which scientists accidentally discovered in 1964. That radiation is called cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). It is the aftereffect of the shockwave that created our universe.