Supernova explosion

Supernova explosion is regarded as the casue of creation of our Sun

Scientists believe that Sun is created from ashes of supernova explosion. The proof of their claim lies underneath our feet. Heavy element like the uranium which is used as nuclear fuel cannot be created in the sun. There is not enough heat in our sun to create elements heavier than iron. Heavy element like uranium can only be created in catastrophic cosmic explosion like supernova.

Earth and the other planets in the solar system are created from the same gas that our sun is made of. In the process sun collects 99% of the mass. This mean it is the biggest object in our solar system with the strongest gravitational pull. That's why everything else revolved around it. Planet earth earned a privileged position which is 93 million miles from the sun. If Earth is little closer it would be so hot that it would melt lead. On the other hand if Earth is little further then it would be a frozen Iceland. We are in perfect position to sustain life on Earth.