There are some volcanoes in Earth that can end Human race. They are called Super Volcanoes. A super volcano is an eruption that ejects 225 cubic miles lava into earth's surface.

Asteroids wiped out dinosaurs 65 million years ago, which killed 75% of total species in Earth. 185 million years before that, a super volcano erupts at Siberia that was so deadly that it destroyed 95% of all species from the Earth. Super volcano at Siberia erupted thousand km of lava and gas into the atmosphere. Scientists say that it was enough to block out the sun.


Yellowstone Naitonal Park

The shocking news is, there is still one active super volcano in Earth waiting to show it's fury. That super volcano is in the middle of USA at Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Super Volcano has erupted several times in the past. This super volcano erupted more than 100 times in the last 16 million years. Yellowstone erupts about every 600th years. Last eruption was 640 thousand years ago. No one knows exactly when the next eruption will happen.

Yellowstone Super Volcano

Yellowstone Super Volcano

If Yellowstone erupts it will be a global disaster. Millions tons of ashes and rocks will be thrown into the atmosphere of the Earth. That will disrupt the ecosystem of the Earth. Many plants and animals will be destroyed and Human race will face it's most difficult time to survive.

Scientist doesn't have to calculate what it would be like when Yellowstone erupts. There are many Yellowstone erupting right now in our solar system. They just have to observe it with telescope and they are doing exactly what they should do.