4 fundamental forces of our universe

4 fundamental forces of our universe

There are 4 fundamental forces that governs all the activities in nature.

Though it is the weakest force among 4 fundamental forces, its effect is most prominent in large scale. We can observer the effect of gravity in our everyday life. Gravity has effect on every particle that has mass. It has infinite range. Because of gravity we can stay on the ground, planets orbits around sun. Galaxies and stars can form because of the gravity.

Strong Nuclear Force:
It is the force that binds the protons inside the nucleas of an atom. Though It is very strong force, it's range is very short approximately in the order of 10 -15 meter.

Weak Nuclear Force :
It is rsponsible for beta decay of fundamental particles. It is weaker than strong nuclear force. It is in the range of 10-18 meter.

It is the combination of electric and magnetic forces. This force effects electrically charged particle. It has infinite range and much stronger than gravity.