Dwarf Planet Pluto Eris Ceres Haumea Makemake

Dwarf Planet: Pluto Eris Ceres Haumea Makemake

Pluto has an elongated orbit and smaller than our moon. In 2005 astronomer mark brown spotted something far from our solar system. It was bigger than Pluto but distance is twice compared to Pluto.

It is 3 billion miles further from Pluto. They named it Eris.

This discovery lead to a question whether Pluto will be planet or not. Because of its small size many astronomer wanted to name it in a different category. So they took a vote to decide the Pluto's fate.

Pluto is voted out of our solar system as a planet. It is too small to be a planet. It is now in Dwarf Planet category. Some other planets of Dwarf planet category are Ceres, Haumea, Makemake.