Sun's coronal temperature is higher than expected

Sun's coronal temperature is higher than expected. It was a mystery for a long time...

Much of the violence in sun erupts in the outer region known as corona. This region causes severe headache among scientists for many years. Because even though it is half a million miles away from sun's heat generating core, it burns at million of degrees. This seems to violate the law of physics.

That's very strange because it should be high temp near the heat source and low temp far from source. The further I get from the center the cooler it gets.

But in the corona's, the outer atmosphere is much hotter than expected. What force is causing the superheating of corona? For many years scientists' tried to find out how anything so far from sun's core could burn so hot. Recently a satellite offers a closer view of solar surface. Below the corona, the suns surface is literary boiling. Entire surface of the sun covered with convection cells (Hot material from the inside of the sun). They rises up through convection current, reaches the surface, cools off by giving off sunlight and then sinks back down. Each bubble of material that comes up is gigantic in size. That is an extremely violent process. It is happening in almost million places over the entire surface of the sun all the time. It is not only violent but also extremely loud. The violent process creates enough sound energy to super heat the corona to millions of degrees. Scientists believe that a combination of these sound waves and energy form suns magnetic field is responsible for the extreme temperature found in corona.