Popular Theory

Popular Theory

Many of us wonder how our universe is created and how it is going to end. We may not be scientists but these questions arise in our mind also. Scientists and astronomers are also trying to find these answers. Still they are fighting with each other to find out how our universe will die.

There are currently three dominant theories about the death of our universe.

In order to know our mysterious universe we have to understand these fundamental particles.

Big Crunch

One of very popular theory about our fate of universe is BIG CRUNCH. It says that as our universe is created from a single point through big bang and someday it will return to the point from where it started called singularity. Our universe is currently expanding due to the explosion of Big Bang. It is assumed that due to the gravitational pull of the stars, this expansion will stop and our universe will start shrinking. This is called BIG CRUNCH.

Big Chill

In this theory our universe will continue to expand indefinitely. Every galaxy will go further from each other. In times all the energy sources of the universe will be depleted. Our universe will turn into a cold dark place; where no life can sustain. This will be a quiet end of our currently colorful universe.

Big Rip

There is another possibility of a more dramatic end of this universe. This is called Big Rip. According to this theory our universe will continue expanding until it disintegrated into more fundamental particle. Like every atom will disintegrated to electrons, protons and neutrons. These particles will turns into quarks meson etc. These particles will break down to more fundamental particle because of this continuous expansion. Finally nothing will be left of our known universe. This is called BIG RIP.

But what is the real fate of our universe. Will it end up in a BIG RIP. or BIG CHILL ? Or it will return to the point it started from, the BIG CRUNCH.

In order to know the answer we need to know about our universe and its composition.

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